I floss my teeth daily, do I still need to use the interdental brushes?

Interdental brushes are the only proven way to clean thoroughly between the teeth. Floss is an ineffective method to clean between the teeth unless even the smallest interdental brush will not fit.

How should the interdental brushes fit to get the best results?

The brushes must be tight fitting to achieve the best results. The measuring probe will allow you to determine the appropriate size for each space. The brushes may feel loose after some uses and the size may need to be re-measured.

My gums bleed and/or are painful on using the brushes, am I causing damage?

It is normal to get bleeding and/or discomfort when first using the brushes. This is due to the brushes touching inflamed gums. As the space gets cleaned, the inflammation settles and bleeding and discomfort stop.

Can the interdental brushes be used around implants, crowns and bridges?

Yes it is perfectly fine to use the interdental brushes around implants, crowns and bridges in the same way as they are used around teeth.

Do I need to see a dentist or hygienist even if the gums stop bleeding and I have no problems?

Yes, please arrange regular dental and hygiene visits as advised by your dental practice.

Should I use mouthwash daily?

Daily use of mouthwash is not recommended. Mouthwashes are only advised then it is not possible to brush the mouth thoroughly e.g. due to ulcers, after dental treatment or if advised by a dental professional.

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